It’s Not Time-Wasting; It’s Learning

So, I just re-downloaded my favorite N64 emulator, Project 64 and loaded up all my old games which currently sit, in cartridge-form, 3,760 miles away on another continent. Gosh, the Internet is neat. The super neat part is that I was able to download multilingual versions, so I can play them in German. I am now officially immune from criticism.

Zelda in German

Turns out you can also buy a device that plugs into your computer, into which you can plug your N64 controller. This may be an option in the future for when I feel the urge to indulge, but want to spare my old equipment the wear and tear.

Nifty, nifty nifty.

In other news, I’m getting tired of this country. I’m just going to classes and trying to keep myself properly fed, which is a struggle. I miss fresh fruit. Big, juicy strawberries. Cherries. Cantaloupe. Honeydew. Watermelon. Mostly melons. Vegetables. Green beans. Black beans. Steak. Ground beef. Eggs which aren’t radioactive. Gallons of pasteurized milk. Royal Red Robin burgers. Cheddar cheese. Double-stuffed Oreos. Yerba maté.

I’m anxious to do stuff in America again.


A Guide to Being Emotionally Prepared for Quirks, Oddities and Unpleasant Things Found in Germany

The following is an essay I wrote so that Regine doesn’t take away my scholarship money. If you are going to Germany, you may find it helpful, and if you are already in Germany, you may find it incredibly silly. The WordPress formatting is being fucking stupid, and I don’t feel like fixing it up, so you’ll just have to deal with not having breaks in between every paragraph. Anyway…

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