Germany, Day 14 (133 Left to Go)

So, not much new has been happening with me, aside from the fact that I now have a stable Internet connection in my room. Because of this, today has been a typical lazy Sunday- I’m dicking around on YouTube and sitting here- filthy- in my PJs. Actually, this whole post is pretty lame, but I figured it was time to post something.

I went to the Black Forest yesterday and bought some kitsch touristy things (like the wooden bear pictured below). I didn’t take my camera, so no pictures from me, but once Catherine gets hers up, I’ll link you to them. It was a nice trip, but too cold for it to be all that fun for me. It’s not far away, so we’ll probably return when it gets warmer.

We also spent an extremely cold day taking pictures in Freiburg. I kinda forgot about them, but once they’re edited, those will go up too.

In the meantime, I made another list:

Things I Love About Germany

  1. Trains.
  2. Bread that actually has stuff in it.
    The first time I went grocery shopping here, I marveled at the selection of freshly baked and pre-packaged breads. They were dark, they were heavy, they were dense with nutritional content. While browsing, I noticed a bag of what appeared to be white, shit-awful Wonderbread-esque bread. I pulled the package off the shelf, asking “What the [bleep] is this [bleep]?” to no one in particular, and I read the label: American Style Bread. Right below it, shitty hamburger buns, similarly labeled “American-style buns.”
  3. Sliced Edam. They have Babybell too, but they also sell this cheese sliced. Nooommmmmm.
  4. Mustard
  5. Mustard in a damn TUBE
  6. This shit-
  7. The relative ease of obtaining alcohol. Not that I am a drinker, I just think that’s good for everybody.
  8. The healthy attitude towards security. In other words, no security douche on the first level of my building checking my identification every time I try to enter the place where I live.

In conclusion, adorable sammiches:

6 Responses to Germany, Day 14 (133 Left to Go)

  1. lizcasey says:

    Thailand also had bread with stuff in it. But not in the grains sense. Bread with pork, bread with little hot dogs, bread with custards, etc. It was strange and not all that appetizing.

    • jesshale says:

      Yeah, that sounds kinda weird and very not tasty. They have some weird shit here, too. Ever wonder about those 57 Heinz flavors? Curry mango, anyone?

  2. Emily D says:

    Mustard in a tube, now proven to clean teeth better than toothpaste!!

  3. Rainier J says:

    Looks like Germany has a lot of good food in store for any tourists. Anthony Bourdain certainly had a great time. I hope you do so as well.

    PS: I hate to rain on your parade Jess but just found out today that your YouTube account has been suspended. I just thought I should let you know.

    • jesshale says:

      Yes, Germany has some awesome food. And yeah, I got an e-mail about the YouTube account. I was sad to see it go, but I’d been expecting that for some time now.

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