My Digs

3 Responses to My Digs

  1. Emily D says:

    Wow, digging (haha) the big, multiple windows right near your desk. Nice and spacious looking room. Do you have a fugging balcony thing you can go out on? Is that what I see in that first picture on the window to the left? That’s so cool. The bed doesn’t look so comfy but the room and your kitchen type area look very orderly and neat. All in all looks like a pretty cool place. Too bad you can’t get internet in your room yet, but maybe that’s somewhat of a good thing. That way you won’t be a hermit as soon as youre in a new place.

    • jesshale says:

      It’s actually not a balcony, but a door that leads to a railing and then a precipitous fall. I don’t think it will be of any use to me, because before it gets warm enough to whip it open and enjoy the breeze, I will have moved into my “permanent housing.” I’m only actually in this room for a month. Also, I just got internet in my room today.

  2. Emily D says:

    Oooh man, what a tease that is then! It looks like it would lead to a fantastic balcony that you could sit out on. I mean not like a huge one or anything, but just the idea of having something like that to sit out on would be awesome. Oh alright, so you’re only there for a little while. You’re pretty chill if you’re not freaking out, I mean I just feel like i’d be so shaken up from moving far away and all. That’s cool that you’re taking it well. I commend you for that.

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