Germany, Day 5 (More Stuff, and an IRISH PUB)

So, a few more things:

  1. The water is awesome. When I was in Berlin, the water was super hard, meaning that soap didn’t lather at all, and you came with that scummy, wrong-end-of-a-bukake-party feeling. Also, the water had a tendency to turn yellowish and smell like sulfur. Gross. Not only is this not the case in Freiburg, the water is better than in Massachusetts.
  2. I have very friendly flatmates. One is German, and one is Mexican. The Mexican girl goes to school in Texas, and speaks flawless English, so I’m guessing that she’s been hanging out in the US for a while. The German guy I actually ended up talking to for a couple hours when I first met him. He’s a law student, and is into a lot of the goodies American culture has to offer, especially American crime and courtroom dramas. Get this: one of his favorite shows is Boston Legal. I’ve decided that he is my new best friend. No hard feelings, former best friends!
  3. The majority of Germans will not cross the street if they do not have a walk signal, even if it is obvious that nothing is coming, and they could not possibly be in any danger.
  4. Sick of going to the bakery each morning, I bought some milk and cereal for myself today. Honey Bunches of Oats has nothing on this shit. It’s got sweet, crunchy oat clusters, WHOLE HAZELNUTS and little chunks of chocolate. Fantastic.
  5. My language classes are going pretty well. There is a wide variety of people in there from the US (Massachusetts, North Carolina and Minnesota), Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Finland, Denmark and France. I think I’ve spoken more German with Japanese people than with actual Germans (and I either impressed or creeped out a Japanese girl by naming every Hayao Miyazaki movie. She seemed to be a fan though, as she whipped out her ticket from the Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo. Maybe I should learn Japanese. I’ve also met people in other classes from Australia and the Dominican Republic. To top it off, the professor looks sort of like Rene Auberjonois from Star Trek and Boston Legal. In my head, I usually refer to him as “Odo”, since I forgot his actual name. Nice guy though.
  6. If you are wondering what Germany is like, it’s kind of like the US was two months ago. For example, The Men Who Stare at Goats opened in theaters yesterday. They are into a shocking amount of American things which were trendy two months ago.

So, on Wednesday, Catherine and I were wandering around for food, and discovered the trick to this city. This is important- if you are planning on going to Freiburg, then you will want to remember this. Ready? Here it goes:

If you wander around Freiburg long enough, you will find exactly what you need.

What happened was, I was in my room taking a nap. Shortly after waking, Catherine called me up and told me that she and a few others were going to the Markthalle, which, according to a pretty cool dude who worked at the bank, was a food utopia. He said that this place had food from every sort of culture one could imagine, and hyped it pretty hard. I met up with them there, and we browsed this supposed foodtopia only to find that it was really just an expensive food court. Maybe this was a bad day to go, but the food didn’t look appealing at all. Underwhelmed, Catherine and I set off to test this theory of mine about the city. We saw some other places to eat, which were still out of our price range. We then saw a sign which read IRISH PUB. We walked inside this building, which was sort of a mini-mall containing restaurants and shops, and began looking for our Irish pub. It didn’t seem like anyone was there, and I was concerned, as one usually can usually hear such a place long before one actually sees it. Anyway, we went downstairs and found our destination. Browsing the menu, we saw that it had 1) pub food at ok prices and 2) JAMESON whiskey, which is Catherine’s all-time favorite, and something she had been moaning about not being able to find since we got here. Needless to say, we went inside.

If there is a heaven, I think it looks like an Irish pub. We found ourselves a table, and soon enough, a cheerful (and adorable) German fella sauntered over to give us the menu…and the whiskey menu. As he danced around the pub serving a few other people, and singing along to the Queen songs playing on the speakers, Catherine called a third person, Eliza to come meet us. German fella overheard our English and explained in really good English that he studied at Penn State. When Eliza arrived, we ordered- with Catherine treating everyone to a round of whiskey. German fella obliged us, but encouraged us to try some other varieties of whiskey, explaining “we have a shit ton of whiskey here.” Eliza later ordered a Guinness, and received a green card with eight boxes printed on it. German fella explained: “Order seven more Guinnesses and you win a stupid hat. Look, you are already on your way!” as he stamped one of the boxes with a little four-leaf clover. Later, after we had mostly finished eating, a crowd of people came in and a DJ set up for karaoke. He started off by singing Can You Feel the Love Tonight from The Lion King. Not wanting to spoil what had turned into a perfect evening, we paid and left.

An Irish pub in Germany may sound wrong, but trust me, it’s so right.

2 Responses to Germany, Day 5 (More Stuff, and an IRISH PUB)

  1. Catherine says:

    MAJOR TYPO NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!!!! I have been looking for and moaning about JAMESON since we got here. Johnny Walker is alright but not something I would get so excited over. The fact that they had Midleton made my life as well.

  2. jesshale says:

    Alright, alright, noted.

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