Merry Christmas!

Look what I found! As far as I know, this is one of only a couple professionally filmed Them Crooked Vultures concerts, and it’s from the Reading festival. Here’s “Dead End Friends” for you, so please enjoy, and if you like it, please buy the album.

Have a beautiful Christmas.


Bauer Painting Update

Did some more work on the Jack Bauer painting. First, here’s what it looked like last time:

Jack Bauer W.I.P. 1

The basics- graphite sketch, red wash, and some darks blocked in with oils.

And more recently:

Jack Bauer W.I.P. 2

Putting on some lights, mid-tones, and more darks. Still not sure what to do about the colors.

Jack Bauer W.I.P. 3

A detail shot.