Did It Again; Captain Jack

Captain Jack Harkness


I Made a Painting (Don’t tell anyone)

Mal from Firefly

Two New Digital Paintings

So, I’ve actually been working pretty diligently on two long-term projects for the first time, well… ever. The first is a gift for one of my bffls, Liz:

The second is something I started just to break up the monotony a little and hopefully improve my already mad skillz. It’s a color study of La Vague by William Bouguereau. Normally I suck at this sort of thing, but I’m happy to say that this one is coming a long really nicely.

Kittens and Puppies!

Just finished a couple new things. First up, some kittens in graphite. 11″ x 14″ on white paper. On sale now for $50 (plus shipping).

Next is a banner I made for Catherine over at Curse of the Awkward Puppy. I don’t think she’s even had a chance to see it yet, but I hope she likes it.


EDIT: She liked it.

The Bat: A Comic

Click here and read it, you dunce!

Based on a true story which took place in the wee hours of the morning on New Year’s Day.

Not Amused

I seriously wish I could make my cat understand why I don’t enjoy this:

Royal Red Robin Burger FTW

So the last week has been pretty good.

Last Tuesday (the 13th) Catherine and I took a train up to Frankfurt to see Ajahn Brahm. This was very exciting for me, as I’ve seen most of his talks on YouTube, and I had just generally written him off as one of those things I would probably never get to see. Then I was checking out his website and saw that he was coming to Germany. I thought: doable! So I did it.

Ajahn Brahm

The talk was very good except it was made about twice as long by an interpreter who put every few lines into German. I understand the need for that, but it was clear from the audience’s reactions that 98% of them spoke English, so it seemed silly. However, I got to hear some stories that I’d never heard before, which was good. I also had some delicious noodles prepared by little, old, Vietnamese ladies. Monasteries smell nice.

I mostly liked the feeling of making shit happen. I wanted to do it, so I did it.

"Let's put 'im in a pot!"

Getting shit done. I like it.

Today I started packing my things. Tonight I’m returning my cable modem. Tomorrow I have my last day of classes and then I finish packing. Friday morning I wash the last of my clothes and my sheets, then I move out of my room, and then my ass is on a train to Frankfurt. We’re staying in a hotel, and then on Saturday we fly out.


After I arrive: Royal Red Robin Burger.

‘Til then.